Dedicated to quality patient care, our clinic offers treatments such as jaw and tooth surgery, sleep apnea treatments, and craniofacial reconstruction.

Maxillofacial Surgery. Orthognathic surgery. Dental Implants (Immediate loading , All-on -Four , complex cases, patients with low bone complications treatment … ).

Maxillofacial Surgery Medical Team

Face Clinic Oral & Maxillofacial Unit is headed by Dr. Riba (PhD, MD, DDS, FEBOM), specialist in this area and with years of professional experience and excellent results behind his name.

Face Clinic offers an integral service to their patients, with the most advanced medicine and surgery at their disposal, while also providing them with the best professionals in the sector.

It provides an environment where the patients and their companions may enjoy fully the utmost comfort at all times while they have maximum security, privacy and wellbeing.

FACE CLINIC has native English speaking staff at the service of the patients.

Maxillofacial Surgery Treatments

Dental Implantology with Maxillofacial Surgery

The development of endosseous dental implants allows us with the maxillofacial surgery, to rehabilitate through the use of loading cores – gaps, edentulism (gaps without teeth) and, of course, full arch when the teeth have been lost or are still in the mouth but are no longer useful.

Thanks to these, to the planning with TAC 3D, to the technologies CAD-CAM and to the important improvements in metals, precious alloys and ceramics we achieve truly natural and aesthetic oral rehabilitations.

Orthognathic Surgery or Jaw Deformity Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery in Spain for patients, which suffer deformities during their development, are susceptible to treatment, generally combining orthodontics and surgery, to provide their faces with the harmony that it did not have.

The main deformities appear because of excess or defect in the growth of the superior maxillary, of the jaw or both.

  • Dolicofacial (long faces) or brachiofacial patterns
  • Prognathism (large jaw, with excessive projection of the chin) or retrognathism (small jaws, bird-face)
  • Flat faces
  • Gummy smiles (excessive amount of gums seen in the smile)

They can be corrected with low aggression maxillofacial surgerie.

Pre-prosthetic Surgery

When teeth are lost, the bone disappears progressively. Sometimes the existing bone is not enough to fix implants and it is necessary to use reconstructive techniques with maxillofacial surgery.

There are situations when the maxillary atrophy, mainly provoked by advanced edentulism, as well as by infections, cysts, and tumours… impedes the ability to fix the necessary implants for an adequate oral rehabilitation.

In these cases, it is mandatory to carry out bone gaining maxillofacial surgery techniques.

  • Intra-oral bone grafts
    Chin, Ramus mandibularis. Low invasive techniques with quick recovery, local anaesthesia or sedation.
  • Extra-oral bone grafts
    Iliac crest (hip), cranial bone, tibia. When a larger quantity of bone is needed. General anaesthesia or sedation. Minimal hospitalisation. Quick recovery.
  • Bone graft in maxillary sinus
    Low invasive technique. Artificial bone is used. Quick recovery.
  • Other techniques
    Other regeneration techniques with artificial bone and collagen membranes.

With the development of the piezoelectric technology, which uses effective ultra sounds on the bone, without injuring the soft tissues, we have recovered techniques such as the lateralization of the inferior alveolar nerve for the molar region, fixing implants with just one surgical visit.

All of these maxillofacial surgery techniques are very reliable with a success rate close to 100%.

Dental Inclusion Surgery and maxillary cysts

Frequently, some teeth that should erupt in the mouth do not do so, becoming included or impacted teeth.

The most frequent are the third molars (wisdom teeth), canines or premolars. In some occasions, the latter mentioned, instead of being extracted, are remedied through a small surgery combined with an orthodontic treatment, in which they are brought back to the dental arch so they may perform their function.

The cystic pathology of the maxillaries, related frequently with chronic infectious processes of the teeth or with inclusions, must be considered because the natural evolution of these benign injuries is the growth and destruction of bone and teeth progressively. In other occasions, super numerous teeth appear. It is recommended that these teeth be extracted in order to avoid them altering the eruption of the definitive teeth or generating pathology.

Facial aesthetic surgery. Anti-aging.

The aesthetic treatment of the smile combined with aesthetic dentistry, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, superior or inferior blepharoplasty, lifting, infiltrations, and lipofilling, are techniques well known to the general population that help, on their own or combined with orthognathic  and maxillofacial surgery, to achieve beautiful and harmonious faces.

  • Rhinoplasty in Spain
  • Otoplasty
  • Superior or inferior blepharoplasty
  • Lifting
  • Infiltrations
  • Lipofilling

Sleep Apnoea Surgery.

Sleep apnoea is a serious disease that alters sleeping and nocturnal rest and also provokes cardiac, pulmonary, and even cerebral disorders. The only definitive treatment is surgery. In FACE CLINIC we diagnose and plan with sophisticated computer programs in order to elect the proper treatment for each case:

Techniques that FACE CLINIC makes available, through Maxillofacial surgery in order to resolve sleep apnoea:

  • Soft tissue surgery. Septum, palate, turbinate bones, tongue. General anaesthesia or sedation. Non-invasive techniques: radiofrequency. Rapid recovery. Minimum discomfort.
  • Bone surgery
  • Repositioning of the maxillaries. Highly complex surgery to resolve the most serious cases. Short stay in clinic. Predictable results.
Me atendieron muy rápido, prácticamente sin espera, y el personal muy simpático y atento. Tenía que acabar de curar una cicatriz y el tratamiento ha funcionado a la perfección. Súper contenta con los resultados y todo ha salido tal y como me habían dicho.
Siempre atentos, profesionales y mu y humanos.
Juan Manuel Diaz
Juan Manuel Diaz
Buenas Tardes solo tengo palabras de agradecimiento al Dr Mario Sarden es un gran Cirujano Capilar uno de los mejores de Europa con mas de 20 años de experiencia en USA lo recomiendo 100% ,tiene un equipo muy profesional formado por el Dr Sarden con muchos años de experiencia trabajando con el Dr.
Natalia H
Natalia H
Me encanta esta clínica y todo el equipo del Dr. Riba. Mi caso es un caso bastante complejo. Se ha tomado el tiempo y calma para hacerme un diseño de prótesis de mentón para una reconstrucción a partir de una imagen computarizadla de mi mentón antigua. Es decir, volver (en la medida de lo posible) a mi mentón original. Sencillamente un trabajo de planificación brillante. Aún no he podido pasar por el quirófano pero cuando lo haga subiré los resultados. Y por otro lado decir que la odontóloga es una auténtica artista. Un tratamiento tan sencillo como es la eliminación de caries en manos de un artista como ella es diferente. Lo digo por experiencia. Hasta la fecha mi experiencia, el trato y le profesionalidad son de 10. Lo súper recomiendo.
Francelis Paz
Francelis Paz
Face Clinic es un sitio de salud bucal y facial estupendo, todo el personal y especialistas son muy profesionales, humanos y te hacen sentir cómodo, que entienden la situación particular de cada paciente. Muy contenta de haberlos encontrado para atender mi caso, sin duda los recomiendo.
Carlos Mayo
Carlos Mayo
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