Premium Services

International Patients

Face Clinic has a long experience with international patients from all over the world. Our Patient Care Coordinators will assist you in arranging all your needs for a perfect medical experience.

Premium Services

Concierge Services

We have many patients coming from abroad, so in order to ensure that you receive the best medical treatment, we offer a tailor made health care experience with specialized providers to ensure a stress – free and efficient experience.

Travel Services

All arrangements related to accommodation, private driver, translator, etc.

Medical Services

Schedule appointments, preop information, clinical admission, pre and post surgical support, personal assistants and various other services.

Premium Services

Schedule an appointment

If you are in Madrid: call us for an appointment, at which we’ll get to know each other and advise you on the best treatment.

If you live outside Spain: send us an email or call us to tell us about your situation.